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The accidental turntable - my growing record collection.
In the big move from Boston in 2006, I got rid of many albums but kept some faves - the soundtrack to The Empire Strikes Back, Prince's Purple Rain, Styx, Disney songs from the 1960's and 70's. These were recently unearthed from the bottom of a closet. Rather than throw them out, I bought the cheapest player I could get from Amazon using shopping points.  I didn't intend to start a new collection, but just for fun I swung by a record store at the Jacksonville Flea Market. Started combing through my favorite Goodwill and antique stores. Maybe ordered a few off ebay. And now, it seems, I have a collection going again.

This big box set of Smithsonian recordings makes me especially happy. I got it for $15 at my favorite antique store but it's listed for $50 or more on ebay. Seven vinyl records full of classics starting with Bessie Smith and Sophie Tucker and moving up to the 1960's. Here's Sampson showing it off.

2013-08-23 09.26.14

I understand in theory that vinyl represents a wider range of the acoustic spectrum than mp3, though I don't personally hear a signifiant difference. There's something soothing about a spinning turntable, however. Also, during the zombie apocalypse, I'd be afraid to hook up my computer to a generator, but maybe the turntable would work. I can envision the wistful, bittersweet scene now: me and my neighbors drinking cheap wine and listening to bittersweet music while the zombies burn the cities around us.  


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