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Happy Birthday to my lesbian Nancy Drew book

Happy book birthday to The Missing Juliet, book 3 in my series for GLBTQ and straight teens and allies. I had an enormous amount of fun writing this --

- Key West!
- Hollywood film shoot!
- Science fiction film satire!
- Teenage girl crushes and first love!
- Boy actors in love!
- A kidnapping!
- A transgender sidekick!


Thanks as always to Bold Strokes Books for supporting these books, which got a great review in Lambda Literary earlier this year. BSB is a great publisher - highly recommended.

And now back to grading - only 54 essays left and I can call it a day.

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Congrats! Somehow when you and I discussed these books when you were here in Houston, I missed the fact that you had a third on the way. Just ordered from the publisher. :-)

Amy, thank you! I hope you enjoy it.

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