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Lambda Literary Award finalist

Diana Comet is a finalist for the 23rd Annual Lambda Literary Awards - yay!

The Lammys are awarded annually in a big New York City event. Past winners and nominees in my division include Cat Valente (won last year), Maureen McHugh, Suzy McKee Charnas, Melissa Scott, Elizabeth Bear, Sarah Monette, Mercedes Lackey and many more.   The winners will be announced in May.

Yay also to mroctober , who is also a finalist for Wilde Stories 2010!

Yay Lammys!

Those are some great-looking banners! What a thrill.

Thank you! I had those banners specially made :-)

Yay Lammys!

Love that icon, btw.


You're a superstar! (It says so in the picture so it must be true!!)

I believe everything I see on the internet! Thanks.

Wooohoooo!!! Congrats, you.


Thanks! To you and the coyotes too!

Congratulations on the nom! This is awesome news.

Thank you Muffy! And Tabby too!

Oh my goodness!! That is so awesome!


Love Hippie Teal'c!

Woot! Congratulations!

That's fantastic news!

Thank you! It's very nice.

Nice!!! I do love those banners, too.

They are awesome banners! Thanks :-)


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