sandramcdonald (sandramcdonald) wrote,

It's all subjective

I did a guest post at Heroines of Fantasy about feminism, warrior babes, Slave Leia's costume in Return of the Jedi, and generally missing the point . . . and the first commenter, a guy, said "I dunno.  I think it's all subjective."

Which is a classic way of sustaining any kind of prejudice: "it's all subjective."  When we say that, we avoid taking a stand, we avoid critical thinking, and we avoid any in-depth examination of the topic.  "It's all subjective," we say, waving our hand.  "Who can say?"  

I reject the notion that tweens dress sexily because they feel empowered by our society to do so. I hate a lot of fantasy book covers.  I think "being feminine" means you don't have to wear makeup, that you don't have to have big boobs, that you can be a boy, that you can be lots of things. I think The Handmaid's Tale should be required reading for everyone.

"I dunno.  I think it's all subjective." 

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