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90 in 90, or how it's going

NASA threw me off track, as did end-of-term busyness and Mom's medical stuff and just being swamped.

Summer reading goal: 90 short stories in 90 days and tweet about them.

@sandramcdonald tracking so far: 37 stories in 48 days

Recent authors:  Tony Li, Warren Ellis, Lorrie Moore, Leah Cypress, Sam Lipsyte, Jonathan Lethem

Upcoming this week: Adam Johnson, Elizabeth Zeimska, Jay O'Connell, and more I have not read

Also been reading Tess Gerritsen's awesome novel Gravity (medical and space thriller set aboard ISS), Lisa Zunshine's Why We Read Fiction (for school), and the Rainbow Rowell YA book Fangirl.

Also been reading for online critique group and a zillion student newspapers. Also been reading every Clint/Coulson fanfic story I can get ahold of. Also been reading non-fiction articles voraciously.

Lots of reading, like cool water after a long trek.


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I would never be able to keep up!

I tread water every day :-)

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