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Year in Review: My Short Fiction
I had 5 new short stories printed in 2013, and one reprint.  All of them are stories I enjoyed writing and seem to have gone over well, but I can't be sure because I don't read reviews.

"The Stars Beneath Our Feet" (co-written by Steve Covey) appeared in the YA anthology Futuredaze. This was particularly fun to write because of our kick-ass teen heroine and Steve's careful attention to physics when a shuttle trip goes wrong.

"End of the Road" - Full of puns. Seriously, all puns. Post-apocalyptic artificial puns. It's in NH Pulp Fiction #3 Live Free or Sci Fi, and any day now I'll get my contributor's copies and money. Meanwhile, puns.

"Sylvia Ascending" - I wrote this for the LaunchPad anthology. Sylvia Plath in space, what's not to love?  I'm becoming a Plath fangirl. Don't tell anyone.

"Our Daughters" - my feminist broadside at Apex magazine because I'm sick of the increasing restrictions on women I'm seeing here in America (and abroad). It inspired a rant at Tangent Online and some kind reader mail.


"Fleet" - my transgender post-apoc story set in Guam. This was the third of three Guam stories that I wrote in 2012. The first appeared in Christmas anthology and the second ("Love Land") I self-published on Smashwords, where it's been downloaded (free) almost a thousand times now.  "Fleet" will be appearing in next year's Year's Best anthology ed. Dozois, which delights me very much.

Also my story "The Black Feminist's Guide to Science Fiction Film Editing" was reprtined in Year's Best 2013 ed. Horton, which makes me happy. That's a story I really enjoyed writing because of the film jokes. Science Fiction film jokes. Science fiction film jokes and an homage to legendary female sf writer Leigh Brackett.

It was a good year in short fiction, and I already have 3 stories coming out in 2014. So here's to short fiction!

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Congrats to both you and Steve. I look forward to reading the stories.

Thanks :-) You might have seen an earlier version of the story Steve and i had published - his character and situation, my reworking. It was a lot of fun.

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