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The Dark, Newfoundland, and blowing up my barracks
It's not often you get to see your former home blown up.

But seeing this video inspired me to write a story, and that story is live at The Dark magazine right now:

Welcome to Argentia

It's about ghosts, bad decisions, environmental destruction, tragedies, and the unique history of Argentia.

Not Argentina, which is where our belongings sometimes went if clerks weren't careful. Argentia was a joint American-British-Canadian naval base that prospered during WWII, kept busy through the Cold War, scaled down in the 1980's, and was on its last legs when I served there in the 90's. At the time I was mostly unaware of its history, but in the last year I've become a big fan of the Argentia community on Facebook.

The building was ugly, sure, and there were problems with plumbing, asbestos, etc, but it was my home for 18 months. It was 10 stories tall, full of the CO and XO offices, the mess, the chapel, medical, dental, a small gym where I logged many miles, and a nice lounge on the 10th deck for the officers who lived up there, like me. Here's the video of it imploding. So sad!

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Sandra, can you tell me when the story went live? I'm reading a huge number of stories these days, so I'm trying to keep detailed lists of everything I read for later award consideration purposes.

Amy, sure! It is just this month, Feb 2015. Issue 7.

Do you use Workflowy? I like that a lot - free and easy.

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